Tips for women on first date!

Tips for women on first date!

So you’re a single lady out on the prowl. Just kidding. You’ve finally managed to get that cute crush of yours to ask you out… finally! Now comes the hardest part. Impress him or stress him?

Time to get the ball rolling. Here are some tips on how to be the gorgeous self that you are with full confidence that will leave him coming back for more!

1- We don’t even need to say it but we will-  be confident. Let yourself relax and wear something comfortable as well as stylish. Just be yourself and behave the way you usually do. It’s not a competition, it’s not a contest, it’s a simple date and you’re getting to know each other. Treat it like that and all your stress will go away.

2- In this day and age, women are super independent and extremely confident but it is still a good idea to let someone in your life know exactly where you are going so that at the back of your mind, you’re relaxed knowing you’re safe

3-  Choose a place you are comfortable with. Why is the place important? If you are comfortable with the place, you can be comfortable being yourself. That is the key.

4- Look out for red flags- it is very important for you to look for red flags when out on the first date with someone. He could be the cutest, sweetest person ever, but you have to be a little aware of every nuance and behaviour that could potentially be harmful to you later on. We don’t want things to get messy later. One example of this could be the way he treats the waiter or a server. A decent, respectful human being, no matter what his status is, will always treat people of the lower class or higher class with the same respect. If your date is particularly rude or unattentive to the staff, he is going to behave the same way with you. Run away if you see this behaviour!

The main takeaway? All in all, be comfortable, choose a familiar place, be yourself and don’t worry so much about the impression you make. Most guys like a girl who is unapologetically herself! You could find like-minded people on Omi and get you started on your first date journey.