Why you should use Omi when you’re travelling!

Hey there Omi-ans! Anyone here planning an international trip anytime soon? If you are, we have a suggestion for you that will definitely help you in more ways than one. Use Omi app during your trip.

Now before you start wondering why I’m pushing this app, let me tell you why I’m doing so.

When we travel, especially solo, we tend to feel a little nervous, scared and jittery. Which by the way is totally normal. With the Omi app, you get all the perks of travelling alone without the stress of feeling lonely and scared. You meet new people, get to know about the culture of the place and you get an experience of a lifetime!

Meeting new people

If you’ve decided to go on a solo trip, it’s obvious that you’re more than okay exploring new places and meeting new people! With the Omi app, you get to meet like-minded people. This cultivates in us a sense of safety, curiosity and adventure.

Getting to know the culture

While using the Omi app, you will of course meet new and like-minded people. However, there is one more advantage of this. They’re going to be locals as well.

People who’ve lived their lives there and know the ins and outs of the city, town or village. They’ll expose you to a totally different side of the culture of that place. Who doesn’t want that? Safety, adventure and knowing the culture!

Experience of a lifetime

Without a doubt, the best part of travel. The pleasant entrapment of your senses is beyond something one can imagine. The exposure to different smells, sounds, people, language, tastes acts as a conduit for the perfect travelling experience.

Now imagine that increased tenfold because you’ve met someone new through Omi and are experiencing the place not just through your eyes but theirs as well.

Long point short, solo travel is a must do for every youngster out there but what makes solo travel exciting is the prospect of meeting new people and forging life-long bonds. Use Omi and find your crew to make even a new place feel like home!