What are your New Year resolutions for 2019?

What are your New Year resolutions for 2019?

Hey guys! Hope you guys had a fun Christmas and are gearing up for a mind-blowing 2019. Now, we know how the New Year can inspire us all to make resolutions. These resolutions are a great way to start a fitness journey or get into a new hobby that helps us become more whole human beings. We’ve rounded up some of the most common resolutions that people make and will tell you how to take them step-by-step.

1. Lose weight

The most common, but also the most effective. A lot of people aspire to hit the gym and sweat it out as summers roll around. That’s not a bad start to the year. However, to make sure you’re not back in your pjs come January 15th, take it slow. Start by going to the gym 3 times a week, getting personal training and figuring out what sort of eating and fitness plans work for you. Coz what work for you ain’t gonna work on someone else! Time to hit the gym, slowly at first and then make it a habit!










2. Find a new hobby

An amazing resolution, finding a new hobby is extremely important as it helps give you a break from your work and sleep routine. It engages the parts of your brain that don’t get worked as much and gives you something to look forward to that brings nothing but pleasure and happiness. Try a new video game, painting, reading books or even scrapbooking. As long as it’s something that makes you happy, it’s perfect!









3. Adopt a pet

I don’t need to tell you how important and beneficial it is to have a cute pet. They are not only effective in reducing depression and anxiety, but are also adorable additions to your family. They can also teach you how to take care of someone other than yourself!

4. Meeting someone

An extremely common resolution that ends up backfiring on so many people! Don’t waste any time. Get started on your journey to meet that special someone. You can find your perfect match on Omi. We have the perfect match waiting for you. Are you ready?

Make your 2019 romantic, fit and adorable with these resolutions. Let’s get started on your New Year plans!