Solo is the new way of travel!

Solo is the new way of travel!

Last year, I took on a solo trip to Europe, and will wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who wants to travel solo but is worried about the overall experience.

However, I have yo give a fair warning, that travelling solo does not mean travelling alone; you get to meet several wonderful people throughout the trip and end up making friends all over the globe! This brings me to an interesting dilemma (which even I faced)- why to travel solo only to make new friends, when you can just travel with your own friends in the first place?

Well, I believe travelling with a group of friends is very comfortable, and this comfort stops us from exploring the larger worldbeyond a point. Travelling is not just about seeing new places, but meeting new people and exploring the unique local culture. When travelling with friends, it is not common to interact with the local people and learn about their culture, and instead the group ends up visiting only the cliched touristy places.
I firmly believe that the best way to actually explore a new place is to know about it from locals.

Which brings me to another interesting question- how to make friends with the locals?

Whenever i travel, I use AirBnB to book a stay, which gives me a chance to have a local host.
If you are a complete backpacker, you can try using ‘Couchsurfing’ where you can live with locals who are offering a couch to crash on in return for some warmth and interesting conversations. I always cook for my hosts!
Apart from that, you can find interesting people around on Omi, who are actually looking forward to interacting with foreigners to have conversations about different cultures.

What can you offer apart from a good conversation?
You can take some small gifts/ souvenirs from homeland and give them to people you like.

I am doing a solo trip to Malaysia and Indonesia during my winters, hope I meet some interesting people again!