Movies to take your match to!

Movies to take your match to!

So you found someone you really like and connected with. You matched with each other on Omi and things seem great. But dating is never complete without a movie! Sitting in the dark theatre, holding holds, finding an excuse to sit close and munching on popcorn all the while trying to focus on the premise of the movie. Here are some upcoming movies you can take your match to.


The Tag Along: Devil Fish


29th November 2018

Premise: Not conforming to the modern society and their norm, a young mother encourages her kids to go out and play in nature rather than sit at home watching television. This proves to be deathly horrible decision as they go fishing and catch the demon fish in the river. Thus starts the evil…







The Wrath


6th December 2018

Premise: -Boon is brought to a huge mansion in the middle of nowhere where a number of deaths have occurred in the past. She meets the lady of the house, Madam Shin. Madam Shin has a secret and she will do anything to keep it that way. There are a set of rules Ok-Book must follow while in the house or else!








Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Detonation


6th December 2018

Premise: Planet Eltoria is dying because of devastation. The Floral family, the last people on that planet are desperately trying to save their home planet. But when the dad collapses from an illness, things don’t look so good.

Meanwhile, the two sisters have their own plan to save their dad as well as their planet. Their destination is Japan, a small island country in a planet called “Earth”. This starts the battle, which decides the fate of the two worlds.









27th December 2018

Premise: The picture of a ghost becomes viral. A young girl finds herself in an abandoned building after winning.

an augmented reality game and takes a picture to commemorate her winning. However, when she looks at the picture, she sees another “girl” even though she was alone. She starts seeing this girl everywhere and sends a photo to her friends seeking their help. Trying to find the identity of the mysterious girl is no easy task as the people who received the picture start getting haunted as well. Once it goes viral, it is going to get you.

These movies are sure to keep you and your date on the edge of your seat. Find your ideal match on Omi and start your movie watching adventure!