Introducting Omi Reaction Emoji Stickers

Introducting Omi Reaction Emoji Stickers

What is a conversation without some emotions to bring out the full intensity of your feelings!

In the spirit of the hyper expressive world of today, Omi has launched a new set of reaction emoji stickers to make your conversations vibrant and juicy!

Sampling them for you here:

*Wink pout face*

The ever-so flirtatious wink to match the sweetness of a loving kiss makes for a perfect reaction to all flirty needs



Admit it, you secretly like throwing some sass around (don’t we all?). Give the words some rest, this reactimoji is a perfect substitute



While you can control what you say, you definitely can’t control your laughter when others say something silly! Move over LMAO and ROFL, this reactimoji is everything!


*heart eyes*

How can you not need this when someone tells you about their pet pooch! Or even when they drop the ultimate gorgeous on you?!

Hope you have a gala time exploring the entire range!