Introducing Omi Stickers

Introducing Omi Stickers

I am so excited as I make this announcement, Omi stickers are live! I’ve always wanted to do this but unfortunately I am not great at this. To my surprise, I got to work with a creative designer who created such cute graphics for Omi.

Omi stickers are there to add cute element to the chat experience making it more interactive and fun. After all who minds cute right?!

Subtle way of conveying your crush to him!  

Best way to start a conversation, when you can’t think of something better.

My favorite way of saying ‘whatever’.

This is the cutest of all, when you’ve won over him!  

This works when you’re laughing on him or his joke.

For the times you couldn’t contain the compliment.

When you’re bored as hell or about to sleep!

When it’s time to go!

There are many more, how about you try them for yourself? If you have some crazy ideas for these stickers, send it to me here: