Introducing Omi

Introducing Omi

We all love to meet new people, don’t we? We end up being acquaintances, friends, lovers or maybe haters, who knows right? Sometimes we meet new people with expectations and it goes beyond expectations, but most of the times it is nothing close to expectations. I actually like to meet people without any expectations, it always help!

Hello, I am Brian Lin, the founder of Omi. I am 26 years old, born and raised in New York, United States and I’ve experienced all of the above.

I am a coder by the week and date coach over the weekend with lots of love for data and coffee.

Unfortunately, we are in a generation where life is fast pacing and it’s really difficult to meet new interesting people in a pub or a bar, like our parents used to. All the online dating platforms, no offense, are full of creepy men and spammers, without exception. Over 90% of the women I have met since college until now, complain about the same issues, creepy and unsafe environment.

After many coffee dates and awkward interactions
, I have decided to create Omi, the cutest platform to meet like-minded people around. Omi is creating safe social spaces for women to come and discover interesting men. Over thousands of people have already requested an invite and the wait is almost over. Come, experience Omi here.

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