How to make the perfect Omi profile bio?

What makes a perfect Omi bio?

If you’re planning to meet people on Omi, there’s one thing that could decide if your profile is a hit or a miss – your bio.

People are always looking for someone they would get along with, but what matters more here is the kind of matches people are not looking for – everyone has their red flags! So no, unfortunately, you cannot get by with just the perfect profile picture.

Here are some tips that could help you nail writing your bio.


Highlight Your Interests

The best way of impressing just the right kind of people is making sure they know what to expect once they get in touch with you – your interests.

This doesn’t just have to be words like “foodie” or “traveller”. Let’s just face it; we’ve all come across these way too often!

Instead, go for specific interests. Replace these with the kind of cuisine you love, or the last place you travelled to and what you think about it, or what kind of music you like.


🙅 Camille, 24

Foodie, traveller, hiker, outdoor sports enthusiast

🙋 Camille, 24

Italian gelato > French croissant > Mexican tacos

Nepal Everest Base Camp Trek > Tour du Mont Blanc

Diving > Surfing > Skiing


Don’t be Aggressive!

And we couldn’t emphasize this more aggressively. No one wants to match with someone who looks like they’re being demanded things out of.

So, ditch your “looking for someone extraordinary successful / as good-looking as me”. First of all, not everyone has the same understanding of these categories; secondly, you don’t want to look like you have a superiority complex.


🙅 Alex, 27

Looking for someone extraordinary interesting

🙋 Alex, 27

Looking for someone who likes making fun of bad movies, drinking on Fridays, sleeping in on Sundays, and laughing at themselves


Show Your Personality

The more your bio is about what you are uniquely as a person, the more it will stand out.

If you enjoy a conversation full of wit and humor, show it with a witty one-liner. If you’re someone who’s passionate about their work, talk about how much you love it.

After all, you aren’t just someone with a set of interests, but your own person. You never know how many people might be looking for someone who’s just like you!


🙅 John, 27

I love eating burgers and have a dog.

🙋 John, 27

About Me: I teach music, have a dog named Luna, and could eat burger for every single meal for the rest of my life and be happy.  

About You: You have stories to share, love to scratch dog’s ears, and enjoy a good meal with a nice young gentleman.


Don’t Show Off How Many Languages You Know!

Because, come on, so many people out there are multilingual! You don’t want to force your level of proficiency in a language, or shoo them away with the lack of it. Let all the worlds you know of open up once you talk to them.


🙅 Danny, 23

English, Thai, French

🙋 Danny, 23

Il n’y a qu’un seul héroisme au monde: c’est de voir le monde tel qu’il est, et de l’aimer.


Remember: just always be yourself, but keeping these few tips in mind while writing your bio might make you really popular on Omi!