How to create the perfect Christmas meal?

How to create the perfect Christmas meal?

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Merry Christmas Omians! This is truly a festive month. Christmas, new year, winters, warmth, hot chocolate, candy canes and tasty food in every household.

Unfortunately, some people get overwhelmed, stressed and too tired to enjoy Christmas.

At Omi, I’m telling you how to cook the perfect Christmas meal that won’t have you passed out by the end of the cook. Are you ready to read more about cooking a delightful Christmas dinner that you can actually enjoy?

The key element here is planning. If your planning is done, you’re 50% done. This ensures that everyone is done on time and you get plenty of time to relax between your prep.

Once you have your menu finalized, you have your list of recipes and ingredients. This will leave you with plenty of time to change a dish in case you don’t find a certain ingredient in the grocery stores.

Inevitably, the next step is organization. This means collection of all your ingredients, recipes, tools, extra fix-ins etc. as well as creating a timetable for yourself in the 2 days before Christmas. Decide which day you’ll make which dish and this’ll give you enough time to figure out how to do other things along with your cooking. Make sure that you cook dishes that don’t require too much cooking or resting time on the final day. You also get to avoid all the hassle and the busyness.

Now your lists are complete, starters made and everything set, you start the alternative to your main cooking. You need to have a backup in case things don’t go your way. This means turkey, pudding, breads, trifle etc. They can be easily stored in the fridge overnight.

Christmas Eve: This is the time to start peeling, cutting, trimming, drying and storing all the vegetables and side dishes. Once they’re done, you roast your potatoes, parsnips and vegetables. When they’re ready, they can cool down.

Last Christmas Eve Prep: Make your cranberry sauce, chill the drinks, defrost any dish you need to and just make a mental note of the final work left for Christmas day.

Christmas Day. Get it to room temperature and get started on the stuffing. It could be as simple and classic as a sage and onion mixture. After a few hours, start preparing your turkey. Glaze it with your favourite mixture, get the stuffing in, put it in the oven and steam your Christmas pudding.

Just before your meal, lay the table, get out your fancy cutlery and utensils. Check your turkey and leave it to rest once it’s out of the oven. Finish your last minute prep such as heating up the sides, pan roasting potatoes and carrots.

Now pour yourself a drink, take a deep breath and marvel at your calmness!