Essential Apps for FIFA WORLD CUP 2018

Essential Apps for FIFA WORLD CUP 2018

If you are a football lover like me, chances are you are still not over with Real Madrid’s hat-trick at the UEFA Champions League. Hot on the heels of that exciting final comes the 21st FIFA World Cup, hosted by Russia. The month-long football extravaganza promises exciting times for the thousands of fans who will travel between countries to catch the matches real-time at the many stadiums along with the millions watching the action live on their television sets.

For me, a 9-5 work life has put a dead-end on plans to make it to Moscow, however, I have put together a list of handy apps that the lucky ones (sob, sob) can keep handy!


Aerial view of the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow, which is the largest football stadium in Russia, and will play host to the final. (For fellow nerds, yes this is the same place where ManU beat Chelsea 10 years back!)

1. The FIFA App

Even as you will be busy catching a match at a stadium, the FIFA App will keep you updated on scores of other matches, and also offer highlights that may get missed in the crowd. The app has many more sections, including breaking news, exclusive videos, highlights, interviews and features.

Download here for iOS & Android.

2. The Stats Zone

A much-needed app on all football phones, Stats Zone brings together feed from all leagues and country teams, much to the delight of football data enthusiasts.

Download it here

3. Football Live TV

This one is the go-to app for all football streaming needs when you’re on the go! If you decide to take in the sights of the many tourist attractions in Moscow, Football Live ensures you’re always one click away from streaming matches from across channels.

Download Football Live TV  here.

4. Google  Translate

If you have ever been to (or frequently visit) non-English speaking countries, you will be familiar to the handyness of  Google Translate. The app supports most of languages, and while young Russians are fairly conversant with English, but the language still has very few takers in the country. Google Translate to the rescue!

Pro tip:  Download Russian as the offline language.

Download here for iOS & Android.

5. Travel Apps

  • Taxi
    Uber has a good presence in Moscow, and can be your go-to app. However, if you are a person like me who likes to be extra sure, also download a local app. My pick is Yandex.
  • Bike
  • What is football frenzy if not backed with some booze (some Russian vodka!) and lots of food. Burn those extra calories through the Velobike App, which is a popular choice for renting bikes.
  • Bus & Metro
    You might want to keep Yandex in your phone, which is akin to Google in Russia. You can find all the bus routes and metro routes, and it is available in multiple languages as well. (Gosh, this already feels like an advertisement for Yandex!)

6. Meet People Nearby

Travel to a new city is incomplete without immersing in the local culture, and hobnobbing with the locals. Trust me, they know where all the fun is! You can meet interesting Russians and other fellow visitors on Omi and have a gala time!

Download Omi here.


7. Restaurant Discovery 

The next step to connecting with a person is taking them out! Tripadvisor is reliable since the local apps are in Russian. Apart from food, you can get some great suggestions to explore the city as well!

Download TripAdvisor here.


As you embark on your journey to the ultimate football carnival, here’s me praying for Argentina to put up a great show this time!

Which team is your favorite this year? Hope the best team (read: Argentina) lifts the Cup!